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Although she was a winsome young honey-blonde, I wasn't looking for another Poodle.

Article first appeared in the Poodle Variety 1998 Stud Issue.   Standard Poodle wins supporting role in Family Dog, a new dog training video.

I had long known about research showing the benefits of early socialization for puppies; I never suspected that one day I would unwillingly test these theories.

Imagine being able to describe to your dog exactly what behavior you wanted him or her to learn.  The idea isn't as far-fetched as you might think.

If a dog has been taught the names of each part of his body, we can teach him to understand how to move and control that body part when a new behavior is initiated by the trainer.

A pictorial of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Ten Test items.

Article first appeared in Poodle Variety Feb-Mar 1996 Issue -- The new sport of canine musical freestyle

Attila Szkukalek, Ph.D. from the United Kingdom, an Animal Behaviorist, Trainer, Canine Freestyle Champion, and International Judge and Tutor presents an Advanced Freestyle Seminar.

Utilizing the Poodle's performing heritage.

How we implemented a Life Enrichment Program with an under-socialized six-month-old puppy. 

So, you're taught your dog(s) a whole bunch of neat tricks.  Now, where do you showcase his or her talents?  You might think about making a movie. 

I had seen this before and a numbing coldness washed through me. 

All Poodle owners influence public opinion about Poodles. 

Their intelligence, natural curiosity, and lively sense of fun make Poodles extremely compatible playmates.

Article first appeared in The International Parti Poodle Gazette -- May 2006 Issue

The hurricane left devastation and destruction . . . and a wonderful playyard for my treewalking Poodles.

By using the IB, along with targets, I am able to give my dogs constant feedback when they are learning something new.

If we examine some of the things dogs are trained to do, we might find that the action or behavior that is being defined as a "trick" may simply be given that status by the setting in which it is being performed.

Bored to tears, your housebound Poodles have been misbehaving (or, worse, have become depressed), and you are at your wit's end.  What to do?  Here are some suggestions for in-house activities that can make all of your lives more enjoyable.

Article first appeared in Poodle Review Jan-Feb 2008 Stud Issue.  Interview was conducted at Canine Horizons on December, 5, 2007, by Melanie Schlaginhaufen.

When the Dunlaps acquire a pontoon boat, their Standard Poodles Jyah and Sydney think it's a great idea . . . until they find that their people know nothing about boating.

Article written for the German-language Clicker Magazine --  Jan. 09 Issue

Article first appeared in The International Parti Poodle Gazette - July 007 Issue


Having never been satisified with the fit and shape of coats I've purchased for my Poodles,  I decided to make them myself.

More and more people are teaching their dogs a variety of clever and unusual actions and behaviors commonly presented as "tricks."   To give more entertainment value to tricks, the next evolutionary step would be to make movies using these actions and behaviors, along with the dog's entire trained repertoire, to tell the story.  (Watch ten-minute movie) 

Having lived in the southeastern U.S. for over twenty years, my husband Glenn and I decided it was finally time to visit the fabled Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina.

Lynn Franklin's article first appeared in the International Parti Poodle Gazette and subsequently received the WCFO Excellence in Canine Freestyle Media Award First Place for 2006 by the Dog Writers' Association of America

Article written for the Parti Times -- August 09 Issue

Article written for the United Poodle Breeds Association Newsletter -- Fall 2009 Issue

Article written for Poodle Variety Magazine - Oct-Dec 2009 Stud Issue

Few afflictions kill an otherwise healthy dog as quickly as Gastric Dilation (bloat) with Volvulus (torsion), or GDV.

Recreational scent work, a fun game for dogs