(Link to Melissa Hensley's Sheltie, Mystery)


MUSICAL CANINE FREESTYLE:  "Dancing with dogs" is where person and dog perform a choreographed routine to music.  For competitions, the performance area is typically 30' x 60' or 40' x 80'; however, for entertainment venues, routines can be choreographed to fit much smaller areas. 

SKITS: When doing educational/entertainment programs with dogs for children or the elderly, rather than simply showing some of the things our dog is trained to do,  it makes a more engaging presentation to use his trained actions and behaviors to tell a story.  This gives the dog more personality and makes the presentation more memorable.  Audiences love to get involved in simple little stories. 
This section features ideas for skits and demonstrations that are designed to be presented in fairly small indoor spaces such as are often found in classrooms, libraries, and retirement homes. 



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Short routines

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