This is a clip from The Birthday Caper.  I have asked Jyah to mail a package for me; however, Sydney decides she wants what's in the package so she sneaks it out of the mailbox and hides it.

To see how this action was taught, go to:
Mailing a Package

"Get the Mail"

Teaching "Get the mail" is similar to  teaching "Mail a package" except it is done in reverse.  In this sequence, teaching Sydney to hold the package while closing the mailbox lid took the most time to train. 

Sydney nudges the flag down with her chin then pulls the lid down with her paw and gets the package.

While holding the package, Sydney puts her nose under the lid and pushes it shut, then carries the package out of frame.

To teach Sydney to push the lid shut while holding a package, I began by having her hold the package and targeting the lid, pushing it shut while it was slightly ajar.  Gradually, I had her push the lid shut when it was more and more open.  Ultimately, she would reach underneath the lid and push it shut when it was lying flat open.