In this video clip I have mainly utilized the retrieve to show its use in different applications.  This is a clip from "The Wizard."

The scenerio begins.  I'm standing at the end of the seesaw making notes on a clipboard.  Jyah comes up the seesaw from the other end and goes over, inadvertenly knocking me out.  
Sydney pulls my glasses off and backs away (retrieve/back/hold).  Jyah goes around to pull down the end of the seesaw so the other end is lifted off of me (feet target).  
Jyah "loosens my clothes" by unzipping my jacket (retrieve - pickup zipper tab, pull).  Next, he gets a pail and drops it under the water faucet (retrieve: carry/drop on cue).    
Jyah fills the pail with water (foot target - paw behavior).  Sydney brings a cloth and gives it to Jyah (retrieve exchange).    
Jyah drops the cloth in the water and then takes it back out (retrieve: hold/drop/pickup).  He carries it to where I'm lying on the ground (retrieve/bring).    
Jyah brings the cloth and drapes it across my face (retrieve: carry to target and drop on target).  Then both dogs wait to see if the wet cloth revives me (sit and down).    

Note: I am the only one cueing both dogs so they often have to respond to me while I'm in different positions and with me not looking at them.