This clip is the "Fight Scene" from our movie, The Wizard.  It consists of individual clips of moves and actions edited together and put to music so it has the flavor of a ritualized dance.  (It always fascinates me what music can do to pull all components of a scene together: this actually looks rather intense when the whole time Jyah thought it was a game we were playing.) 

For this scene, I taught Jyah actions and moves I had seen in freestyle routines -- mainly some of those used by Attila in The Gladiator.  I made the mistake of not choreographing the "fight" in a more dance-like way.  If I were to do it over, I would choreograph a routine rather than just video individual moves and edit them together.    


Click on above picture for video 

This scene is about a fight between Jyah and the Dark Force (manifested as a Ninja).  Jyah performs jumps and weaves to avoid being struck by the Dark Force, circle moves to mesmerize him, and wizard magic to dispell him.